Six-Party Makeup Tips to Try This Year

Who doesn’t love a good party? And more importantly, who doesn’t love getting dressed up for one? Picking out the perfect outfit for your big event can be challenging enough, but what about the perfect makeup look?

Not to worry. Whether you’re hitting the town for some socially-distanced fun, or logging onto
your computer for a virtual shindig, we’ve got you covered with six party makeup tips we love.

Prep your canva
To put your best party face forward, it’s ideal to start with fresh skin that has been cleansed and
moisturized. Makeup products apply best on hydrated skin, so be sure to do your skincare
routine before setting your skin with primer. For event-ready makeup, a medium to full coverage
foundation is recommended because it will help provide a smooth, even canvas for the rest of
your red carpet look.

Details make the difference
Whether it’s for a big event or just a night out on the town, an easy way to enhance your
evening look is just to lend a little extra time and attention to detail. If you typically neglect extra
steps like curling your lashes or applying concealer for dark circles and blemishes, party time is
the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops. Although these things aren’t necessary, a little extra
effort can go a long way to uplevel your look and give you an extra confidence boost.

Look for long-wear products
When putting together a killer look that can withstand the dancefloor, it’s a good idea to opt for
products that persevere. Waterproof mascara, smudge-proof lipstick and stains are all good
choices. It’s also a good idea to lock your look in with your favorite setting powder or spray to
ensure that your glam stays put and requires minimal maintenance throughout the evening.

Go for a glow
Party makeup is one of the best times to shine – literally. For evening events you can get away
with a bit more flair than during the day. So, if you’ve been dying to try a new glitter shadow or
iridescent highlighter, this is the perfect time to have fun with your look and indulge. You could
even try swapping a shimmery bronzer for your contour, for a little added pop of glow.

Balance out bold statements with subtle ones
A tried and true secret that many beauty pros swear by when making a statement is to focus on
just one feature to play up. In other words, you could choose a dramatic smokey eye, or an
intensely colourful lip. Just not both at the same time. It’s also a good idea to take into
consideration your outfit and accessories. The idea is to strike a balance that’s bold but not too

Carry your essentials with for touch ups
No matter how much time you’ve put into perfecting your look, there may come a point mid-party
when you want to refresh things just a bit. For this reason, it’s never a bad idea to carry a few
touch up items in your evening bag. You don’t need to bring the whole makeup kit. Just the
basics – lipstick, powder and concealer. Keep these on hand and you should have everything
you need to perform a quick fix touch up as necessary.

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