Seven Trendy Makeup Looks for 2021

Makeup trends for 2021 are all about having fun and putting your best face forward. After all, as more and more of us work from home and connect via video chatting apps, makeup can be a wonderful way to accentuate your best features and feel confident for the camera.

When it comes to beauty, this year is all about having fun and making a statement. To help you
get started, we’ve put together a breakdown of our favorite 2021 makeup trends.

Bold colors everywhere
Bright, vibrant colors are making a comeback this year; the bolder the better. If you haven’t
already begun to see brilliant blues, greens and yellows, expect to see them coming to a palette
near you soon. Technicolor shadows, liners and even mascaras are here to stay awhile, so
don’t be afraid to indulge in the full rainbow when choosing your next look.

Stained lips
Long-lasting lip color is something that never goes out of style, but 2021 trends are particularly
concerned with lipstick that holds up all day and doesn’t smudge behind a mask. For an easy
fix, many makeup lovers are turning to an old classic – lip stains. Matte reds and berry blends
are especially popular colour choices to go with today’s dramatic eye looks.

Long, long lashes
Lash length trends are reaching new heights this year. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to matter how
you go about getting the look. Lash extensions and lifts continue to trend this year, but just as
many are reaching for budget friendlier options like false lashes and super-lengthening

Lavender vibes
Makeup lovers say lavender, violet and other shades of purple will be a popular go-to color inMaking a statement with this color will be easier than ever this year, as it’s showing up in
everything from lavender-tinted primers to deep purple mascaras and liners. Substitute it in
place of your usual black for a look that’s totally on trend.

Nostalgic looks
Sharp lines, graphic liners and colorful cut creases may hail from a bygone era but these looks
are right at home in 2021. Makeup styles from the 1960s have been trending in recent years
and play well with today’s bold fun colors. Additionally, makeup trends are also showing a nod
to the 90s, with lots of chocolate brown lips and smoky liners.

Smoldering eyes
Overlined eyes, and smudgy liners make a statement this year. Style forecasters say
dramatically-lined eyes are an especially popular choice because they make for a classic
put-together look that mixes and matches well with many other makeup styles.

Natural skin and makeup to match
Expect to see a bigger focus this year on skincare as a powerful ally in your beauty toolkit. Many
2021 makeup trends put a focus on dewy, glowing skin that looks fresh and natural. To achieve
the “fresh skin” or “dolphin skin” look, moisturising creams and facial oils are a must, followed by
sheer liquid foundations to create a radiant finish.

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