How to Prepare Your Skin for Wedding Day Makeup

A professional makeup artist knows all the tricks and has all the tools to help you look even more amazing on your wedding day. However, did you know that the best canvas for makeup is healthy skin? It’s true! To help your makeup look and feel even better on your big day, we recommend adding a little skin pampering to your wedding prep checklist.

Here are our top tips for the Bride-to-Be:

Get a routine down
About four to six months leading up to your wedding is when you’ll want to get serious about
skincare. If you already have a routine that you love, don’t try to fix what’s not broken. However,
if you’re struggling with your skin or want to make some adjustments, it’s a good idea to make
those edits early and then get consistent with your skincare, for at least three months prior.
Avoid picking at or messing with breakouts as much as possible to prevent scarring and be sure
to use sun protection regularly to keep your skin at its healthiest leading up to your trip down the

Treat yourself to a few facials
If it’s in the budget, skincare experts recommend getting regular facials for about three to six
months before any big event. Facials help deeply clean and exfoliate the skin, preventing acne
and signs of aging. They’re also great for infusing deep hydration, brightening dull skin and
giving it a natural lift. You can even check in with your facialist or esthetician for help in building
a daily routine that maintains your results in between treatments.

Do trial runs
As with many things pertaining to a wedding, you’ll want to do a bridal makeup rehearsal with all
the moving parts. That includes making sure your skincare routine works well with your wedding
makeup and vice versa. You will want to schedule a consultation with your makeup artist in
advance, decide on a final look and test it out at least once – start to finish – to ensure that
everything goes smoothly.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
The secret to skin that is perfectly prepped for makeup is hydration. Skin that is well moisturized
is more soft, smooth and primed for other products. The best way to support your skin’s
moisture level is to regularly apply a hydrating serum or toner (look for water-binding ingredients
like hyaluronic acid), followed by a moisturizer tailored to your skin type. Also be sure to drink
lots of water, to keep your skin hydrated and glowing from the inside out.

Other things to know
A few other ways you can support your skin before wedding day include getting plenty of sleep,
eating a healthy diet and keeping stress levels in check. Because the skin is a reflection of our
internal health, maintaining a sense of balance is key. Take mindful breaks from stressful
planning whenever possible and don’t forget to have fun making memories along the way.

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