Five Trendy Hairstyles for 2021

If a new year has you ready for a new look, we’ve got you covered. This year, hairstyle trends are getting fun, funky and high-fashion. Read on for five of our favorite trends to watch in 2021.

All about retro
Though the calendar may say it’s 2021, hair trends are turning back the clock this year. Taking
major inspiration from the 1960s, 70s and even the 90s, retro styles are taking salons by storm.
Style forecasters are saying heavy shag cuts, afros and even mullets are making a comeback in
Although some may argue that it never went out of style, The Bob is also back in 2021 – with a
retro twist. This year, experts say the key to a perfect bob is a focus on layers rather than
length. That said, expect to see lots of new and old takes on the classic bob, including blunt
bobs, textured bobs and asymmetrical side-part bobs.

Low maintenance looks
With many people still working from home and going out less, one 2020 trend that is continuing
into this year, is a return to low-maintenance cuts and styles. Stylists say more and more clients
are opting for minimal layers or even blunt ends, in order to save some time on maintenance.
Other simple and easy hairstyles we can anticipate seeing more of are air-dried, loose and
tousled looks. Additionally, pixie cuts, shaved heads and other dramatic chops will continue to
trend as low-maintenance options that also look super chic.

Switch it up with extensions
At the same time that more people are keeping it low maintenance for their day-to-day hair, just
as many people are looking to temporary options like hair pieces and extensions to mix it up.
Extensions are a great option, hair experts say, because they allow you more flexibility for
changing up the length of your hair without having to grow it out. Just be sure to consult with a
professional stylist for best results color-matching and ensuring that you don’t damage your
natural hair.

Anything goes color
It’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to just one or two color trends this year, because in 2021
color is everywhere. From two-tone looks to twilighting, pastels and everything in between, it’s
safe to say that bold and fun colors are encouraged.
Expect to see rich hybrid colors like silver purple, rose brown and smoked marshmallow as well
as brown blends like mushroom, mocha and milk chocolate swirl.

Dramatic fringe
Bangs are back on the map for hair trends this year and a great way to add some life to your
look. Trending styles for fringe in 2021 include high-drama options like choppy textured bangs,
shaggy bangs, curtain layers and even curls.
Bonus: with so many trending options to choose from, you can really style your fringe any
multitude of ways and still be in fashion.

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